NFTs Ecosystem

With Build21 we want to build not one, but 21 real estate projects, all funded via blockchain.

So we'll be in the blockchain space for the long haul.
We are building an NFT ecosystem, which will contain several collections. A complex and ever-growing system of benefits and ways to engage.

Build21: the NFT that gives you access to the ecosystem

The first collection of NFTs is called Build21 Helmets and will be launched in 2024.

Build21 Helmets is the membership NFT that opens the door to our entire ecosystem. Without this NFT you cannot access our following collections and their benefits.

Some examples:

• exclusive access to the following 21 NFT collections, one for each real estate project developed. These have an estimated total return of 40% per project for each project you choose to invest in.

• discount on the purchase of a property built by us.

• vote on a variety of decisions regarding the company and the real estate projects.

• access to ecosystem events such as AMAs, project launches, etc.

The capital raised through this collection will be used to develop the technology infrastructure for investors and Build21 communities, as well as the legal and fiscal infrastructure to operate.

21 projects, 21 NFT collections

For each real estate project we build, we will launch a collection of NFTs

Only holders of the Build21 NFT can participate.

Examples of benefits:

• total return estimated at 40% per project for each of the 21 real estate projects we will develop. From the time of investment in the project, the return will be delivered in 2-3 years.

• access to benefits offered by partners in each project (products and services related to property construction and design).

• voting on a variety of decisions related to the project.

• access to ecosystem events such as AMA, project inauguration, etc.

NFT collections for experts and users

Aside from the 22 collections described above, we will create dedicated collections with specific benefits for two important communities:

• a collection for the expert community: architects, engineers, contractors, urbanists, sociologists, real estate developers and project managers and others, a community that supports Build21 with know-how.

• a collection for the community of users of the spaces we build, a community that will grow as the number of projects grows.

What`s the first step?

The launch of the Build21 collection that gives you access to the entire NFT ecosystem will take place in 2024.

Join our investor community to:

• be among the first to find out the mint date.

• receive information about the Build21 business, the returns and benefits you can expect and more.

• know when and where to meet us, at online or offline events we organize or attend.