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We are a team of real estate, tech and business professionals. We want to prove we can build differently in Romania.

That we can offer Romanians safe, modern housing and buildings that make their lives better. And that we can turn this into a profitable business and a very good investment.

For that, we need different investors.
Investors like you.

Join our ecosystem of investors to take advantage of the opportunities in Romanian real estate, but also in the blockchain world.

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Why join us?

Romanian real estate market - the only way is up

In today's business world, there is a lot of uncertainty and change, and real estate is no different. But we have good reason to believe that the real estate market is a medium and long-term investment opportunity.

In Romania we have a tradition of private home ownership, but also a high percentage of old or low standard buildings.

The evolution of the economy, rising incomes and changing lifestyles of Romanians are generating a growing demand for new constructions that ensure a better life for residents and communities in many parts of the country.

At the same time, house prices per sqm are still low compared to other EU countries. And that means they can only continue to rise over time.

Read more about the market here.

Not just an investment, but a relationship based on transparency and accountability

You won't just be making an investment, you'll be joining a community of investors. Investors who want to benefit from the opportunities in Romanian real estate with us, but also to contribute to the quality of life of Romanians through good quality construction.

We want you by our side every step of the way, to get involved in decisions about the company and the projects.

Read here about the Build21 investor ecosystem and the principles that guide our investor relations.


Real estate is one of the best investments, globally - always has been and always will be.

With us you can invest in complex real estate projects with no minimum investment threshold.

You will be able to buy one or more NFTs in any of our mintings.

Estimated total return: 40% per project

We offer an estimated total return of 40% per project for each of the 21 projects the company will develop. You will receive your return in about 2 to 3 years from the moment you make your investment in the project.

See the Company and Project Roadmap for a better understanding.

Safe investment in uncertain times

You invest not just in an idea, but in a company that produces tangible assets with a low risk of depreciation.

The first mint will take place in 2024.

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