Investor Relations

What guides our relationship with investors

To build better we need to democratize how Romanian real estate is financed. 
That's why we decided to use blockchain technology and the DeFi principles we believe in. In our relationship with Build21 investors, we are guided by the following principles:


We want you to know and understand what's going on in our business and projects.

We communicate openly and respond to questions and requests.


We are responsible for the investments you make in our company and our projects.

We are looking for the most efficient and sustainable ways to use the resources we have.


We want you to get involved in the future of the company and its projects by voting or by proposing actions for Build21.

You will be able, for example, to vote for the best architectural design on which we are building.


We bring two worlds together: real estate and blockchain. Both involve risks, both are complex.

We're here to support you with information and guidance to navigate these worlds.

Corporate governance

We want to implement the best corporate governance principles and tools.

We do more than what is required by law or regulation.