Build21 is a company that develops real estate in Romania. Our buildings are designed to contribute to the physical and mental health of those who live in them and to have a positive impact on the existing architectural heritage and on future generations.

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We use blockchain principles and infrastructure to finance our company and projects and to interact with the communities in our ecosystem: investors, users and experts in the areas of architecture, construction and real estate.

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The founders of the company are Raluca Negrea and Adrian Vasilescu. Read more about them and the Build21 team here.

The two shareholders of the company are Raluca Negrea and Adrian Vasilescu, founders of Build21. Read about them here.

Romanian real estate represents an investment opportunity: the demand for new housing, that offers higher living standards, will continue to grow as the 'communist' blocks of flats continue to depreciate and Romanians` incomes continue to increase. In addition, Romania has some of the lowest prices per sqm in Europe.

Build21 gives you the opportunity to invest in Romanian real estate without a high investment threshold.

What we offer is an investment with an estimated total return of 40% per project for any project you choose to invest in, but also many other perks such as discounts on the purchase of property in future Build21 projects. 

Moreover, we offer you the opportunity to join an investor ecosystem where you will have transparent access to information and can get involved in company decisions through voting.

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We want Build21 to be more than a company and more than a developer. We want to show that it`s possible to build differently in Romania. That we can offer Romanians safe, modern housing and buildings that make their lives better. And that we can turn this into a profitable business and a very good investment.

We started building an ecosystem of communities around Build21:

  • The users of the spaces we build: those who live, work, or simply spend time in them
  • Investors in our company and projects
  • The construction and architecture specialists we already have on board to design and develop better spaces for better living.

Each member of the ecosystem will enjoy both returns and perks from the value the company and the projects generate, and also decision-making power by voting on important decisions related to the company and real estate projects.

We offer an estimated 40% total return per project for any project you choose to invest in. This is far superior to bank deposits and other investment options. But what we offer is more than just a profitable investment in real estate. We offer you the chance to join an ecosystem of investors that brings a wealth of benefits and opportunities. Here is our proposition for you.

Real estate investments are some of the safest, historically, in the world.

Our team at Build21 has a board experience in business, real estate, tech and investor relations and we have the agility to adapt quickly to changes in the market. However, as you probably already know, any market can fluctuate and no investment can be 100% secure.

Our promise is that we want to make real estate an affordable and profitable investment for everyone who wants to get involved. Also we will always be transparent with our investors.

The first mining will take place in 2024.

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The Build21 company and management team manage the investments we attract.

Once investors join us in the first minting (by buying Build21 NFTs), they will enter our investor community. Here they will vote on some of the important decisions that affect the company and the real estate projects we will develop.

In the coming period, we will focus on build-to-sell residential projects in urban areas in Romania. In addition, we are also looking at existing buildings that we can turn into high-quality residential spaces.

Our projects are designed to have a positive impact on the physical and mental health of those who live in them, as well as on the existing architectural heritage and future generations.

Read more about how we want to build here.

Build21 came about because we were born and we live in Romanian real estate. Because we are professionals in construction and real estate and we know that Romania deserves a real estate more mindful of what people really want.

In our view, the spaces where we live, work or simply spend our time have a major impact on our lives.

Build21 projects are designed and built to contribute to the physical and mental health of those who live or spend time in them. We look carefully at natural light, fresh air intake, and noise levels, to name a few.

We build spaces and generate opportunities to create real communities of neighbours, for example through cultural spaces in all the residential projects we develop.

We respect the architectural heritage and the specificity of the area in which we develop.

We think about future generations and develop efficient buildings that optimise resource consumption.

The development of a Build21 real estate project will take between 2 and 3 years.

The first project will start after the company and project funding - see the roadmap for the company and the first project here. Afterwards, we will develop the projects in parallel.

Our company is based in Romania, so we are subject to Romanian law.

We know that regulation is a sensitive topic in the blockchain area, which is why we brought a partner with a lot of know-how in this area, Reff & Associates, on board.

Together with their team, we follow all relevant institutions and initiatives for the regulation of the blockchain space and for the operations we run - both in our country and at European level.

We aim to be aligned with MiCAR (Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation) recommendations at European level and with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) requirements.

Real estate tokenization and real estate investment are two distinct concepts, even though they may overlap in certain situations.

Real estate tokenisation is a process whereby the ownership rights or value of a real estate asset are converted into digital tokens on a blockchain platform. These tokens represent fractions of the real estate property or the rights to participate in the revenue generated by it. Tokenisation facilitates the division and transfer of ownership of real estate assets more easily and efficiently.

Real estate investment is a form of investment that can involve a wide range of activities. Some of the most popular real estate investment activities include: buying and renting residential or commercial property, developing and selling residential or commercial property, investing in real estate funds or REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).

No, we do not. Build21 is a real estate development company. In addition to doing real estate developments, the company builds an ecosystem that allows medium and small investors to invest in the development and sale of the real estate projects in Build21's portfolio. Each investor can buy one or more NFTs to invest in the company and its projects. In return, the investor will receive a share of the value created by these projects, which is reflected in the profits and returns of the projects.