The road we have started on is one are creating ourselves: over the course of 21 projects designed, financed and delivered by us, we demonstrate that Romania can have a real estate more mindful of what people really want. With every project we develop, the picture of this transformation will become clearer and clearer.

Here are the steps we have taken so far and those to follow.

This roadmap is the company's roadmap. Each project will have its own roadmap.

  1. Build21 is born

    May 2023

    The business idea turns into a feasible business model. A team of four specialists gathers around the founders.

  2. Litepaper Publishing

    June 2023

    The first version of the Build21 Litepaper is published. The feedback received is varied. More and more people want to support the project as partners, collaborators or community members.

  3. Advisory Team

    August 2023

    The project gets the support of several experts in fields necessary for Build21's business growth.

  4. Legal framework for operating in Romania

    September 2023

    The operating framework in Romania is set up with the support of Reff & Associates.

  5. App Demo Development and Concept Testing

    October 2023

    The concept and the first mock-up of the investor app are being tested with the help of several experienced investors from the Crypto market, Capital market and Real Estate market.

  6. Launchpad partnership

    November 2023

    We will mint the first Build21 collection with the support of a European launchpad. Follow us for details.

  7. Start public communication campaign

    March 2024

    We are present and active on X and Telegram. We send newsletters rich in relevant content for those investing in real estate. Follow us on whichever channel is most convenient for you.

  8. Publish Whitepaper

    May 2024

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  9. Build21 First Minting

    Soon in 2024

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  10. Architecture competition Project 1 of 21


    Architectural competition for Build21's first project development is launched.

  11. Vote of the expert community


    Experts from the Build21 community will choose the best architectural solutions within a dedicated competition. Solutions that respect the principles, vision, quality and sustainability standards guaranteed by Build21 to its ecosystem.

  12. The vote of the investor community


    Members of the Build21 investors community will vote on the shortlist proposed by Build21 Experts thus choosing the architectural solution they will invest in.

  13. The first of 21 projects to be launched


    Investors participating in the minting of this project will have an estimated total project return of 40% over a period of 2-3 years. Ownership of the minted Build21 Company NFT in 2024 is a prerequisite to invest in any of the 21 projects developed by Build21.

  14. Development of the first of 21 projects begins


    In 2026 we will kick off both the development and the marketing and sales for end-users for the first project.