About us

Who we are and what we believe in

Build21 is a company that develops real estate in Romania and uses blockchain principles and infrastructure to finance itself and interact with the communities around it.

Build21 was founded by a group of people passionate about construction, communities and blockchain. We have the know-how, experience, network and drive to bring a fresh approach to the Romanian real estate market.

We believe that spaces designed and built with users in mind are the places where people enjoy their lives, where communities come together and where businesses thrive.

We want to foster the power of communities to:

  • decentralize financing in real estate
  • harness the know-how of the best specialists in architecture, construction and real estate
  • improve the lives of the people and communities who use our spaces

The Build21 ecosystem

We are builders. We create spaces that drive communities. And we build an ecosystem of engaged communities around Build21.


of the spaces we build: those who live, work, or simply spend time in them.


in our company and in our projects.


in construction and architecture who already joined us to design and develop better spaces for better living.

The blockchain infrastructure allows us to share good returns, perks and decision-making power with all members of our ecosystem.