Market Study: Romanian investors aim to invest in real estate, from €1.500 up to purchasing a property, in the next year

Bucharest, June 18th - Build21, a real estate company developing 21 unique projects focused on quality of life, announces the results of a market study measuring retail investors appetite for the real estate sector. According to the results obtained by MKOR, Romanian retail investors prioritize the real estate market, regardless of their investment power: those without experience in this sector have funds starting from €1,500, while experienced investors primarily aim to purchase a property within the next 12 months.


The MKOR study considered a sample of 255 respondents, representing retail investors aged 20 to 55, with individual incomes of at least 4.000 RON per month and residing in medium and large urban areas. Of these, 66% are experienced real estate investors with at least one prior investment of this type, while 35% of respondents declared their interest in the real estate sector and plan an investment of at least €1.500 in the next 12 months.


Regarding general investment habits, the study shows that investors prefer low-risk investment products, with 8 out of 10 respondents investing in bank deposits and certificates of deposit.


Besides purchasing a property for personal use and as an investment, experienced investors frequently invest in ETFs and real estate funds (63%) and real estate investments through crypto tokens (57%). Additionally, 6 out of 10 respondents with real estate investment experience have also invested in cryptocurrencies, while 1 in 2 have invested in blockchain technology.


"At Build21, we aim to be the best real estate investment option for small and medium investors. We democratize access to real estate investments in Romania with accessible amounts while creating a community of investors around the 21 real estate projects we will develop. We use blockchain technology to provide our investors with the opportunity to engage, as well as safety and transparency for their investment," states Ing. Adrian Vasilescu, CEO and Co-founder of Build21.


For those planning to invest in real estate in the next year, the top criteria for choosing an investment are risk and return (51%) and investment costs (49%).


When discussing their expectations from existing real estate projects, 58% look for the provision of basic services (running water, gas, electricity) and 47% for safety and resistance to natural disasters. A smaller percentage are interested in green spaces (37%) and road infrastructure and pedestrian areas (36%).


"Romania deserves a higher standard in real estate, emphasizing construction quality and the impact on the lives of those who use it. For this, we need to change the mindset from investing in products that only meet basic needs, such as gas connections, to products with long-term value and significant social impact," declares Ing. Adrian Vasilescu, CEO and Co-founder of Build21.


The information was obtained from the market research conducted by MKOR in February-March 2024 for Build21. Build21 is a real estate start-up in Romania aiming to design and construct 21 real estate projects, which will set benchmarks in terms of sustainability principles, efficiency, aesthetics, and care for quality of life.

The study's methodology involved both quantitative data from an online survey and qualitative data from in-depth online focus groups. The online survey was based on 255 respondents, while the focus groups included 8 participants.


About Build21

Build21 is a company developing high-quality real estate in Romania. Build21's projects are designed to have a positive impact on the physical and mental health of those who live in them, as well as on the built heritage and future generations. The company engages with multiple communities interested in the proper development of projects: multiple investors, experts with portfolios recognized in renowned design and architecture competitions worldwide, and residents of the constructed spaces. Moreover, the company aims to democratize access for small and medium investors through blockchain technologies.


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